September 10, 2013

Ballot lottery in Bristol may help some candidates, hurt others

The ballot lottery results are in, for those who care about every detail of this year's municipal race.
In the first district, Republican Tom Hick claimed the first spot. Below him on the ballot will be Democrat Calvin Brown. That means Steve Jeffries, the other Democrat, will find himself below incumbent Republican Eric Carlson.
In the second district, the two Board of Finance members will hold the first slots for each of their parties, which puts the GOP's Rich Miecznikowski immediately above Democrat Bob Vojtek. Allen Marko, the other Democrat, will claim the slot beneath GOP city Councilor Henri Martin.
In the third district, Republican incumbent Derek Czenczelewski grabbed the number one position with Democrat Mary Fortier beneath him on her party's ballot line.
Newcomer James Albert, taking the place of incumbent David Mills, holds the second GOP spot. Under him is Democrat Ellen Zoppo-Sassu.
Conventional wisdom holds that it's better to be above or beneath a weaker candidate because at least some voters think they have to pick one or the other. Most voters understand they can pick any two, but even a small percentage advantage might swing an election.
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