September 9, 2013

Jeffries: 'Pure grandstanding' by GOP's Cockayne

Democratic City Council contender Steve Jeffries sent along his thoughts in response to this story in today's paper:

The current City Council which also includes my opponent, Eric Carlson has in the last two years not shown an ounce of conern that code enforcement was a priorty worth maintaining or retaining.  Yet, they are now so willing to fund code enforcement with money that has or is coming back into the city, similar to that of when we as individuals find out we are due an income tax refund, and then actually receive it. 

Clearly this not only appears to be lip service but pure grandstanding on Cockayne's part which no doubt includes Carlson and the other Republican Council members now being on board.  Based on this, I am asking each and every reader to question this motive and of course, why now.  I am also asking every reader to start questioning this Republican leadership and what happened to their fiscal, concervative spending that was promised back in November of 2011.  In my opinion Cockayne and the Republicans continue to flip flop on important issues like Jenning School and waiving permit fees on certain non-profit organizations provided they meet a certain dollar value criteria.  Two tax increases, more spending on their watch without fully understanding how to really balance a city budget continues to be a recipe for disaster!  Do we really want to continue down this road?

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