September 14, 2013

Jeffries praises response to Somerset Circle fire

A note I got last night from Democratic City Council hopeful Steve Jeffries:

Not sure if you know this but I actually live in the Glenwood Condominiums, literally less than 100 yards away from 36 Somerset Circle where the horrific fire on Tuesday broke out causing serious damage to the Condo along with serious injuries to two of my neighbors.   I learned from my neighbors the response time for both fire fighters and police to my neighbors on Tuesday was just under 7 minutes!  Had the response time been longer  I think it is safe to say that there would have been a fatality or two instead of everyone being saved including their pet cat.  With my campaign in full swing and going door to door meeting with voters, one concern that I have pledged is to ensure that the fire and police department will always be there for each and everyone should a crisis ever occur. 

As a candidate for City Council here in the 1st District I have pledged my support to work with all union workers if elected in November, including the fire and police.  These unsung hero's have always had my deep respect and admiration for the jobs they do, literally putting their lives on the line each and everyday in order to provide protection and security for all Bristol residents.  Reflecting on the tragedy of 911 and the sacrifices that were made on that day, especially by NYFD and NYPD, it gives me even more appreciation for our fire and police departments knowing that we are in good hands!  Thank you!

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