August 28, 2013

Jeffries: 'This council has failed the city'

The city's Planning Commission reaffirmed its opposition to the sale of Memorial Boulevard School. Here's an early version of the story.

Statement from Democratic City Council candidate Steve Jeffries:

Steve Jeffries
Clearly the end result on the planning committee was positive and I am grateful that the proposed sale of our fabled Memorial Boulevard School will not be sold, at least not yet without more thoughtful conversations that actually make sense while covering all available bases.  Regarding the present City Council members, I find it very interesting and disturbing that 3 out of the 6 on the council were so willing to sell off this valued and historic piece of property without any consideration to the "historic value" to the city as well as the people who graced the halls of this school as students and graduates.  While Ken Cockayne valiantly proposed that the sale of the school should be put on the ballet in November which was backed by two other on the council, what is troubling is that Cockayne can't seem to distinguish the value (emotional, historic and actual) that selling property, in this case the school would have on our city, and this is the guy that wants to be Mayor?

In addition, there can be no question that this council has failed the city and its citizens in a number of ways by shuffling issues back and forth with no real action or solutions.  There is no question that the desire of this council is  to wait until after the upcoming election to re-address the sale of the school.  Perhaps if the Democrats regain control of the council, real positive solutions and actions will take place and things will finally get done.  Let's face it, looking to sell off property, waiving property fees for favorite businesses and raising taxes seems to be a Republican recipe for disaster.  I'm sure the Five Amigos will be looking to blame the Democrats on Memorial Boulevard School just like they do all the other issues!

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