August 27, 2013

Digging through city meeting minutes and trying to stay awake

City Council hopeful Ellen Zoppo-Sassu is feeling sorry for ... me.
Ellen Zoppo-Sassu
She told the Democratic Town Committee that she's been digging through the minutes of committee meetings held during the past couple of years at City Hall.
They amount to a thin record of hundreds of hours of debate, discussion and, rarely, decision-making.
Zoppo-Sassu, a Democrat in the 3rd District, said she's seen from the records that issues are talked about "month after month" without any resolution.
"I really feel sorry for Steve Collins," Zoppo-Sassu told fellow Democrats, because the poor guy has had to sit through entirely too many of these meandering sessions.
She said that it's clear from the record there's been no collaboration among the council and is committees, no effort to lay out a proper road map to resolve key issues and no communication even on crucial matters such as the fate of Memorial Boulevard School.
"There are going to be some very interesting conversations" in the coming weeks, Zoppo-Sassu said, adding that she hopes there will be many forums and debates where candidates can talk about the lack of accomplishments by the current council.
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