August 6, 2013

Cockayne calls on police to find author of anonymous political comic

Republican mayoral candidate Ken Cockayne asked the police Tuesday to investigate an anonymous comic book-style booklet that slams various GOP candidates.

Calling it “gutter politics,” Cockayne said the 16-page booklet is filled with “libelous and slanderous” material that decent people would never want to see. He said he will also pursue civil action against its creators if he can find them.

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Here's what Democratic mayoral candidate Chris Wilson had to say about the comic book, which he received in his mailbox as well, too late for deadline:

"I agree with Mr. Cockayne this type of humor has no place in the mayoral campaign.  I abhor this type  of political tactic.  I intend to run a campaign in which I speak about the important issues confronting Bristol residents-  stable taxes, quality schools, creating an environment whereby businesses can add jobs and providing a safe secure Bristol.  No one,  especially me, wants to see this kind of material used in the  campaign for mayor.  I am certain no one involved in the Wilson for Mayor was in any way involved in this “comic book”.  In fact, since my entry into the race I have continually said I will not employ the tactics used by politicians in the past.  I got into this race,  to run a race I can be proud.  My business is here, and I live here and the position is not worth enough to lower myself to such standards."

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