August 8, 2013

Five anonymous cartoons created in 2011

First off, be sure to read this story about the possibility that former city economic development director Jonathan Rosenthal authored the two anonymous comic books lashing municipal leaders.
Now let's take a look at five images that date all the way to 2011 that were included in the packages sent out this week.
All of them are dated on Sunday afternoons in October and November of 2011, before and after the municipal election that year that saw Mayor Art Ward reelected and a nearly all-GOP City Council installed by voters.
The two oldest satirical pieces rip into former Mayor William Stortz, who began the effort to oust Rosenthal during his second term.
Here's one of them:

The next two attacked Ward, including this one:

You'll note that it also takes a swing at the city attorney and personnel director, two others who are not exactly Rosenthal favorites. In fact, it's probably fair to say that he loathes them, or at least that's what he's told many people.
The final 2011 comic, produced after the election, is looking forward to the next election. It makes it clear the author doesn't much like Republican city Councilor Ken Cockayne. Here it is:


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