August 7, 2013

About those comic books...

One of the images from the comic book assailing Republican mayoral candidate Ken Cockayne
To answer some of the questions asked by readers, the two comics sent anonymously to local political types don't appear to contain any threats or obscenity. They are satirical and those who have read them generally think they are funny in places but perhaps too bitter in their humor. They certainly go far beyond the line of the normal courtesies extended by candidates locally.
It's not the role of a newspaper to distribute anonymous comics, even though many readers would probably like to see them. At this point, I haven't seen anyone putting them out for the public, but maybe someone will. It won't be me.
The two comic books are very different. The one thrashing GOP mayoral candidate Ken Cockayne consists of a large number of varied images and text. The one ripping into Mayor Art Ward, on the other hand, is more like a traditional comic book, with a Donald Duck-like character filling in for the mayor.
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