April 3, 2013

Welch votes no on gun control compromise

Press release:

Harford, CT – State Senator Jason Welch (R-Bristol) released the following statement today re: SB 1106:An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety.

“All of us were moved by this horror in Newtown, and this horror demands action with mental health access, action with hardening our schools, action in ending straw purchases and action in getting guns out of the hands of criminals, with the goal of preventing a madman from committing such a horror again.
State Sen. Jason Welch

“But this bill falls short of that goal.  It also comes with a loss of liberty.  This country is about freedom. Whether you believe liberty to be granted through the divine or that it came to be following our natural law, with liberty comes great responsibility.  Not all have lived up to that responsibility. 

“But the irresponsibility of some ought not cause the loss of liberty of others. 

“Evil is the common theme in these horrific mass shootings.  I don’t see this bill getting to the heart of evil.  I don’t see this bill convincing mass murderers to change their hearts and minds.

“I do applaud those who came up with some really good ideas. Things we ought to follow through on including: mental health first aid for district safe school climate coordinators and reconstituting the statewide gun trafficking task force to get illegal guns off the streets.  But when I weigh what this country stands for I can’t support the loss of freedom in this bill, therefore I cannot support it at all.”

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Unknown said...

Jason, thanks for listening to your constituents and not being bullied by the media or overcome by emotion like so many of our other legislators. You have my appreciation and support. Keep up the good work.