April 5, 2013

Martin to seek 2d term on City Council

Press release:

Henri Martin is pleased to announce his intention to seek a second term as City Councilman of the 2nd District.
City Councilor Henri Martin

Henri is appreciative and thankful for the overwhelming backing and support he has received during his first term from family, friends, Republican town committee members, members of his church, community leaders, and the citizens of Bristol.
In his first term, Henri said “because of the economic situation, new leadership and fresh ideas concerning how city government operated was needed on the Council”. Henri has encouraged creative collaboration within city government to promote long term fiscal sustainability and organizational transparency.
He believes with the experience he has gained, a second term would provide him greater opportunity to effectuate his ideas. “The goal”, Martin says, “is to make Bristol work better.  It’s imperative to address the challenging economic times we are in by improving the delivery and quality of public services in cost-effective ways that our citizens can afford.”
He will continue listening to citizen’s concerns, to be their voice, and promote what he believes is the right course of action for Bristol. 

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