April 26, 2013

Shopping carts at City Hall

For at least the last few days, two shopping carts have been sitting in front of City Hall, empty and ignored.
What makes them especially interesting, though, is that they are from Walmart.
How on earth did they get from Walmart, way over on the Farmington town line all the way to City Hall.
It's a 3.3-mile journey.
And it's not an easy one. In between there are major roads, a pretty hefty hill or two, tons of traffic and, well, plenty of other stores.
So how did the carts get to City Hall? Did somebody throw them in the back of a truck and dump them outside City Hall for some reason?
And then there's the other obvious question: how come nobody's done anything with them? Are they an art installation that escaped my attention until now? Is the city using them for something?
It was only a few years ago that city councilors showed much less tolerance for stray carts.
A 2010 law allows police to charge anyone caught of-site with a shopping carts that belongs to a store with an infraction carrying a $90 fine.
Property owners can be held responsible when a cart is found on their land. They, too, can be slapped with a fine.
I'll let everybody know if the city fines itself.

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