April 10, 2013

Cockayne calls on Malloy to save gun makers

Press release from GOP mayoral hopeful Ken Cockayne:
City Councilman and Republican Mayoral candidate Ken Cockayne today sent a letter to Governor Dannel Malloy urging him and the office of Economic and Community Development to reach out to the Gun manufactures in Connecticut and urge them to stay in Connecticut.

Cockayne’s letter comes after PTR Industries of Bristol wasthe first Gun Manufacture in Connecticut to announce it is leaving the state. “At a time when municipalities as well as the state could use all the revenue it can get, we should be doing everything in our power to not let these jobs walk away from our state.  Our unemployment rate in Bristol is hovering at 9.3% and every business is sacred to our local economy,” Cockayne wrote to the Governor.
“I am hopeful that the Governor and DECD have a plan to keep gun manufactures in Connecticut and I am hopeful that they will be sharing that plan with local officials,” Cockayne continued, “Our economy in Bristol and Connecticut is sputtering and I hope no one in the Governor’s office or administration is jumping for joy that these businesses and jobs are leaving the state.”
“if elected Mayor, I will be placing an emphasis on bringing new jobs to Bristol and working closely with the Chamber of Commerce and the marketing committee to make Bristol more attractive for businesses to locate here,” Cockayne ended.

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