April 24, 2013

Cockayne takes a blow to the nose

City Councilor Ken Cockayne, the Republican mayoral candidate, recently took a pretty savage blow to his nose.
The surprising thing is that he did it to himself.
During a Florida vacation with his son and fiancee, he rented  mini-van, against his better judgment, and discovered he had to slam the rear door down after loading it up.
He did a fine job of yanking the door down.
But Cockayne didn't do such a good job of getting out of its way. He slammed it down on the bridge of his nose.
The blow left him dazed and bleeding.
At a walk-in clinic, Cockayne was told he needed serious stitches and a CAT scan to make sure his head was okay. He said he refused and insisted on some butterfly stitches on the spot so he could get on with vacationing.
He also chipped one of his teeth in the process, enriching his dentist by some $1,400 upon his return home.
Cockayne, a three-term councilor, is unopposed at this point.

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