February 25, 2014

Wright ponders Rowland's possible return to prison

State Rep. Chris Wright took aim last night at former Gov. John Rowland, who's the afternoon radio host on WTIC-AM.
Taking note of a federal criminal investigation into Rowland's role in the 2012 Republican congressional race in the 5th District, the Bristol Democrat said if he ever gets invited back on the ex-governor's show, he has a question for him.
"What I want to ask him is if he goes back to jail is he going to have same prisoner number as before?" Wright told the city's Democratic Town Committee.
Rowland is under scrutiny for using his show to blast opponents of a candidate whose husband paid him $30,000 for work that never appeared on campaign finance documents. It isn't clear what the nature of the work was, but investigators are looking into it.
Wright said Rowland, who served a year in federal prison for corruption a decade ago, criticizes him on his show regularly.
"If John Rowland is saying negative things about me on his show," Wright said, "it makes me wonder who's paying him to say it."

For those who don't know what's going on with Rowland now, see this Hartford Courant story by Edmund H. Mahony and Jon Lender.

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