February 17, 2014

Stortz: Let's get some publicity for Muzzy's 100th

Former Mayor William Stortz sent this along:

Why doesn't the Mayor and the Marketing Committee join together with Mr. Swicklas in trying to get the President to Bristol and Muzzy field? More than likely the Governor will be here. Maybe he can help convince the President to come.
They should also contact our two Senators and all the Representatives, and encourage them to call on the president.
 I would also hope that our "Marketing" Committee, along with Ed, has put together a package containing the legacy, the history, and events that are planned for Muzzy Field this year. Besides helping to convince the President to come, this package should be sent to ALL newspapers in CT, as well as the NY Times and the Boston Globe. 
We need to get the word out there: this certainly would help.
After all, we do have a Marketing Committee and Marketing Company to help do this, don't we?

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