February 9, 2014

Stortz suggests new "Bristol Pride Week"

Note from former Mayor William Stortz re a possible "Bristol Pride Week::
Last year I mentioned to Bill Englert and Tom LaPorte the idea of having a “Bristol Pride Week:
Bill liked the idea, but being quite ill at the time, didn’t feel he could take it on at that time.
I bring it up again, hoping that maybe the Chamber and Team Bristol might pick up on it and even consider doing it in Bill’s honor, acknowledging all he did for Bristol.
This would be a 7-10 day period with a number of Bristol events that would among other things, show off Bristol
I thought June might be a good time with two church festivals and the Car Show usually scheduled around then. We also have the dinner for those High School graduates going the service. . I am sure that there are many other activities around the same time. With a little effort, some organizations might schedule their events during this period. With Muzzy Field having a Birthday, this would be a good time to put the spotlight on it too.
This would help facilitate advertising and promotion, especially outside Bristol, thereby bringing people into Bristol. A map of events and a schedule would help also
Museums might reprice admission, restaurants might have specials etc. etc.
I have attached a copy of a letter I sent a while back, which might be helpful.
B glad to discuss it further if you are interested.
Would be good for Bristol and a wonderful way to honor Bill Englert.
Bill Stortz
Copy sent to media, in case something gets done.
Letter to the Editor
In reading various newspapers and magazines, I noticed that many Connecticut towns and cities have their own “Pride Day” .I thought, why doesn’t Bristol do that, and actually go one step better and have a “Bristol Pride Week”. I know that in the fall, we proudly celebrate Mum Festival with many activities that bring our community together and attracts out of town visitors.
However,   this time of year offers many other individual community activities over a 10-15 day period, such as the Zorba Festival, St Anthony’s Festival, the Soap Box Derby, the Bristol Brass and Wind Ensemble Concert, the Car Show, the Fiddlers Concert. With some slight adjustments, maybe the Veterans Council could recognize the graduating seniors that are going in the service; the Elks could have their Flag Day if it fit into this 10 day period... An open house tour of Muzzy Field might be arranged. Museums could provide special pricing. The Library has its Book Sale, and maybe some special programs could be arranged at the Libraries. Those organizations that regularly have Sunday Breakfasts could coordinate one each weekend. Adding a few other events, if possible, and publicizing them, would certainly make for a successful “Bristol Pride Week!”
With a little help, there could be an ad in the Press, and some of the major papers in the state, listing the events, and the schedule. If we ever get the portable information Kiosk, it could be brought to the various events, not only for the benefit of visitors from out of town, but also for local people. Brochures of interesting places to visit, Menus, Maps and schedules of future events would be very informative and helpful.
Badges touting Bristol Pride Week could be distributed, even days before the event.
All events would collectively receive more publicity than they would individually; Bristol would receive greater exposure, certainly regionally, even statewide. Businesses would benefit with the added interest, hopefully that week, but also over an extended period of time.
We don’t need a consultant to do something like this; Bristol has many interested and capable people.
Certainly there are many other ideas for events, and I am sure that good minds will come up with them, and also resolve any of the questions and challenges that might arise.
As I see it, something like this would certainly be a benefit to Bristol as we try to market our self, instill and display our pride, and create an even better Bristol.

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