February 9, 2014

Letizia, family narrowly escape serious injury

Former city Board of Finance Chairman John Letizia and 11 members of his family escaped serious injury Saturday when a driver smashed into a restaurant in Farmington where they were having dinner.
Letizia said that he and his wife, Barbara, along with their children, spouses and grandchildren were celebrating a youngster's birthday when a truck "crashed through the window and right into our table."
He said Saturday night that an old man mistakenly hit the gas instead of his brake.
Police said the truck smashed through the front window of the Galleria Restaurant at 2 Spring St.
Some family members had minor cuts from the flying glass, but none were hurt enough to require treatment.
Letizia said it is "a miracle that nobody got hurt."

Here's a piece by NBC30 about the incident.

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