November 5, 2013

Some notable things delivered by voters today

1. They elected the youngest City Council member ever. Calvin Brown turned 21 in September.
2. Astonishingly, this will be the first time a City Council district has two women representing it. It may well be the first time the council has had two women serving simultaneously. Though the count may slightly off, there are only seven women who have ever made the cut.
3. Ken Cockayne will be the first Republican mayor other than William Stortz in the past three decades.
4. The constables elected today will be the last ones ever elected since voters also agreed to cease electing constables.
5. There won't be anyone on the council who has served on the council during Cockayne's first two terms as a city councilor, 2007-2011.
6. With Mayor Art Ward's departure, there won't be anyone who served as an elected official in the 20th century.
7. Ellen Zoppo-Sassu served three terms as a 2nd District councilor between 2001 and 2007 but will be representing the 3rd District this time around. Her house didn't move, but the district lines did.

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