November 5, 2013

Rydingsward weighs in on charter issues

I finally found someone who wants to keep the utterly useless elected office of constable.
Democratic Registrar Mary Rydingsward wrote last night that the positions have a value. Here's what she said: "They serve at the pleasure of the Mayor and get paid nothing, nada, zippo. Lets have a few more volunteer available in times of turmoil, unrest, or natural disaster. And, if we eliminate the free and freely elected constables, what will replace them? - paid sheriffs? No thanks, I like my democracy."
Rydingsward also opposed the term limits referendum. She said it is "designed to take power away from the people."
"We already have term limits," she said. "They're called elections."
Rydingsward also said she thinks that term limits may violate the state constitution and asked, "Who vetted this question? Oh, must have the mayor's corporation counsel."
The city attorney, Ed Krawiecki, Jr, is the husband of Republican Registrar Sharon Krawiecki.
But Rydingsward may have a point. A year ago, a New Haven charter commission threw aside a term limits proposal because lawyers there determined it wasn't allowed in Connecticut.
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