May 24, 2012

Nicastro praised for axing unfunded mandate

Back in early April, one of Bristol's representatives to the Central Connecticut Regional Planning Agency, John Pompei, was so pleased with the work that state Rep. Frank Nicastro did to strip away an unfunded mandate on local governments that he wrote a letter praising the lawmaker's efforts.
Nicastro had shepherded through a measure that wiped out a requirement that cities and towns provide all sorts of paper records about proposed subdivisions to regional planners -- a costly process -- and replaced it with a provision that the material could be sent electronically instead. The material was also required to be sent via certified mail, which added to the cost.
Pompei, a Republican, said the new rule -- which is now state law -- will save municipalities lots of money. But the legislature's fiscal office said it would result in less than $1,000 in savings for towns and cities statewide.
Even so there is at least one unfunded mandate that quietly vanished this term.

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