May 6, 2012

'Cold Day in hell' before Mudry will apologize to Betts

Open Letter to Mr. Betts’ Demand for an Apology:

I must have touched a raw nerve in Mr. Betts when I asked if it was possible that he might be receiving a kickback or funding for a future campaign for his efforts in opposing the Busway.  I followed that question up with the statement that it was a harsh question; however, in this day and age when politicians are getting caught taking kickbacks and making a living by screwing the taxpayers, I thought it was an honest question.  That’s all it was, a question!!  There were no serious accusations or scandalous remarks or any character-assassinations as Mr. Betts somehow perceived or interpreted from reading my letter.  There were honest and credible questions about why a Representative elected from the city of Bristol, and town of Plymouth, would spend so much time traveling to Washington to oppose something that’s happening in another city?  Why isn’t Mr. Betts spending his time trying to get things fixed right here in his own district?  What about the problems with the Pequabeck River which is prone to flooding even more so now that the flow of the river has been changed due to the big storms last year. Has he done anything regarding that instead of trying to make headlines for himself by opposing a project that’s due to have a shovel in the ground for much needed jobs later this month?  Has Mr. Betts done anything about the flooding of the Mine Brook along Mix St. and Farmington Ave.?

As I stated in my letter, I am not advocating for the Busway because I personally would like to see light rail; however, I’m not that naïve to realize that the Busway has received all the permits, funding, and passed all the hurdles and obstructions put in its way, that although it is a very expensive project at, according to Mr. Betts figures, $1000.00 per inch, it is a project that will provide much needed jobs RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Mr. Betts has stated that the alternative to the Busway would be using the state funds to repair our roads and bridges.  That’s where I have a problem with Mr. Betts not being forthright with the taxpayers.  Mr. Betts is fully aware that if the Busway was stopped tomorrow and the funds were made available to use for road and bridge repair, it would take years for studies and applications for permits to be completed before one shovel goes into the ground to fix any road or bridge.  I ask Mr. Betts to be so kind as to tell me which road, what bridge in what city or town would be the first to be repaired?  Can Mr. Betts tell me when the first shovel would be put into the ground to start those repairs?  The answer to those questions would be NO, I can’t tell you!!!  Reason is because Mr. Betts, and the rest of the naysayers who oppose the Busway, are fully aware and cognizant of the facts I stated above are true and they are using the argument of fixing roads and bridges to play on the voters emotions because it sound so much better than wasting that money on the Busway.  Another fact that Mr. Betts won’t tell the taxpayers is that the cost to fix all the roads and bridges in this state would cost in excess of three TRILLION dollars and the three hundred thousand or so dollars the state is using for the Busway wouldn’t put a dent in that amount.  Just be honest and truthful instead of telling half-truths!!

Finally, Mr. Betts is upset about character-assassination; however, he has no objection to putting a label on me by stating that I am a member of a labor union and a member of the Bristol Democratic Town Committee and alleging that my personal beliefs are somehow the beliefs of those organizations.  The Press put the label of me being a member of the Bristol Democratic Town Committee, not I. 

As far as my credibility goes, Mr. Betts, it is just fine and it doesn’t need restoration like you stated.  I stand by my facts, hold my head up high, and look you straight in the eye when I talk to you or anybody else.  As for an apology which you unrightiously demand, it will be a cold day in hell before I apologize for what I believe in!!

Joseph Mudry, Jr

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