May 12, 2012

New plan would ax 44 city workers, slash services

A new budget plan floating around City Hall would freeze property taxes this year but not without some real pain.
The spending proposal would lay off 44 municipal workers, close the Manross branch library, cut park programs in half, ax Dial-a-Ride and cut off funding for everything from the after graduation parties to the Mum Festival.
The plan was prepared by the city comptroller’s office in response to a query from city Councilor Ken Cockayne about what it would take hold property taxes in check this year.
To pull that off, the city would need to reduce its proposed $177 million spending plan by $6.5 million, officials said.
Topping thelist of proposed cuts was a 50 percent reduction in the salary of city councilors, from $9,700 annually to less than $5,000 – a symbolic step that probably couldn’t be done because officials only have the power to set council salaries for those chosen during the next municipal election.
Also eyed for cuts are the code enforcement and community services allocations, both of which would be eliminated completely.  Click here for the full story.

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