May 9, 2012

Nicastro: Busway 'has already failed'

I saw your Blog posting on the Busway and despite trying to talk myself out of responding I just could not resist a short note on Jim Cameron’s article in the Ridgefield News.  To make it short I invite Mr. Cameron to call me or visit with us her at 200 Main so he can see the mountain of information we have collected over three years.  This data doesn’t just validate that the Busway will fail but it confirms that it has already failed. 

It’s only fair that Mr. Cameron see this information so he doesn’t find himself parroting back the boiler plate Busway “rah, rah” that his article contained.  As I read it I was able to close my eyes and continue it word for word, all the while hearing either Lyle Wray’s or Mike Sander’s voice.  His content was the same rote presentation that DOT & CRCOG have been making since 2009.  I wish I had a ten-spot for every time I’ve heard the “Busway is just like a train except it runs on tires and cement.”    

As a side note none of these comments should come as a surprise to Mike Sanders.  I like Mike and consider him a friend.  He’s doing what he has to do to protect his project and he has become a master at spin in doing so.  That’s contrary to the legislative proponents whose only defense on the House Floor the other day was the use of “FUD” or fear, uncertainty and doubt.  Not one word in their comments on the merits.  That about says it all.


Michael D. Nicastro
President & Chief Executive Officer
Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce

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