May 16, 2011

Is boinking all you can do in Bristol?

With a big new book about ESPN due to his the stores this month -- These Guys Have All the Fun, by Jim Miller -- a writer named Dan Fogarty decided it was a good time to take a jab at ... Bristol.
Fogarty, writing for sports grid, is disappointed the book is apparently not going to have a bunch of salacious stuff.
And here's what he has to say:
I, of course, care only about the rumored sexy times that occurred when the cameras were off. Unfortunately, he isn’t able to reveal anything from within the pages of the book – it’s been embargoed until its release by Miller and his publisher, Little Brown & Company.
 Still, there was plenty of boinking, right?
 Miller won’t comment. I say that, given the fact that ESPN is out in the middle of Bristol, Connecticut, and there isn’t much to do out there besides boink, one would think that boinking plays a prominent role in ESPN’s history (as it did when the Steve Phillips – Brooke Hundley affair came to light). Nope. That topic will not be discussed.

Now there is obviously more to do in Bristol than boink. But, you know, my old commonweath, the great state of Virginia, got a lot of tourism mileage out of its "Virginia Is For Lovers" campaign.
Perhaps instead of trying to tout its schools, parks and prospects, Bristol should just seize the opportunity.
How about a new "Bristol is For Boinking" tourism push? It could fill that new downtown hotel that Renaissance is thinking about.

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Whit Betts said...

How refreshing it is to see a respected and well liked community leader like Henry run for public office. He has shown his committment and love for Bristol through his many volunteer community activities, and I think he will be a terrific councilman for the the 2nd district. He has my wholehearted and enthusiastic support.

Rep. Whit Betts

Whit Betts said...

How refreshing - and exciting - it is to learn that a respected and popular person like Henri Martin is running for city Council. Through his years of many volunteer and community service actives he has shown his love and committment to Bristol. If elected I am confident that Henri will be a terrific representative on the city council and I will enthusiastically support his campaign. It is eciting to see another newcomer enter the public service arena.

whit betts