May 27, 2011

Cockayne says 'completely unfair' ploy used by educators

Here is a copy of a letter that city Councilor Ken Cockayne wrote today about the Westswoods Academy and the school budget:
Mr. Markowich,
Thank you for your letter.  I can tell this is an issue that means a lot to you as it should.  Westwoods Academy has done a great job with the students that attend there and it would be a shame if it were to close.  I will do what I can to advocate for the program, but unfortunately that is all I can do.  By state law we, as elected officials, have no  authority over how the Board of Education allocates its funds.  We approve a budget for the city as a whole.  Once the funds are allocated to the Board of Education, they decide which items or programs get funded. 

I fear that Westwoods Academy and the students there have become the "faces" attached to the budget process and the tough decisions we are facing this year and it is completely unfair and a ploy by the Board of Education and certain council members.  I have made clear many times that cost savings can be found in other areas, including rescinding raises that were given to Board of Education Administration. I believe that would truly be putting the students first.  Activism in this matter is excellent and I urge you to communicate with members of the Board of Education and to attend their meetings so that your voice is heard.  


Ken Cockayne

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KimmieT said...

The best way to be heard for any concerns is to attend the meeting of the Board of Education. So that whatever questions or any clarifications needed will be addressed.