May 11, 2011

Cockayne seeks third term as city councilor

Here is a written statement from city Councilor announcing his intention to see a third term on the City Council rather than run for mayor:
In a prepared statement, City Councilman Ken Cockayne said, a new election cycle is here and I want to take this opportunity to reflect upon the past few years and thank all of you for your support.
It is an honor to serve and represent you as your councilman. It has always been my passion to work as hard as I can for you and your family. I never forget that I am in office because you elected me and I thank you for your trust.
Over the last year, I had the privilege of serving as your acting mayor for 6 weeks. This experience has sharpened my awareness of the value of City government to the taxpayers and to the employees that make our City the great one that it is.
There are many new projects that are about to come on line in Bristol. The completion of Route 72, the two new schools and of course the long awaited redevelopment of our downtown.
I have been deeply involved in all of these projects and I feel that I can be a voice for the taxpayers as well as an advocate for our City as a result of my understanding of these new and exciting benefits to Bristol.
I have thought very long and hard about this next term. My confidence as an elected official has been buoyed by the support that has been expressed to me by my constituents. Yet we still face serious economic time ahead. Having weathered through some of these budgetary issues over the last two years, I have become more energized to serve Bristol and to seek your continued support to guide us through these times.
I believe that in these times, someone has to be ready to fight for you and your family and your hard earned money. I have done that and will continue to fight for you. In politics all too often, there is a disconnect between the voters and their representatives. I believe I have offered a voice to the taxpayers of Bristol and I would like to continue to do this.
Therefore, today, I formally announce my candidacy to seek a third term as City Councilman from the Second District. In the weeks to come, more individuals will join me on the Republican ticket, which is shaping up to be an exciting one. It has been my privilege to represent you and there is still much to be done. Together, we can work to make Bristol the City we all want it to be.

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