August 18, 2008

Statewide political forum slated for Bristol next month

A two-day statewide political forum devoted to discussion about “how to stop the destruction of the Constitution” and the erosion of American liberties is slated to take place next month in Bristol.
The founder of the new Connecticut Liberty Forum, Deborah Stevenson of Southbury, said that rights are eroding in many area and the hope is that by networking together with others, it will be easier to “protect our liberties.”
Judy Aron, a West Hartford home schooling activist, said that the forum offers “a great opportunity to have so many wonderful speakers” in one place that a wide range of issues can be explored.
“It is also a call to action,” Aron said, aimed at spurring people to stop government from eroding the Bill of Rights.
The purpose is “not just the talking” with experts and activists, Steveson said, but for people to leave with empowering ideas and an intention to put them into action.
Slated to start on Saturday, Sept. 27 at the Clarion Hotel, the conference will feature a number of speakers, including the founder of the Minuteman Project, Jim Gilchrist and two New London homeowners who fought unsuccessfully to keep their homes in the face of eminent domain used to spur New London development initiative.
Susette Kelo and Michael Cristofaro from New London are slated to receive the group’s first Connecticut Freedom Fighter Award for their “heroic efforts to combat eminent domain abuse here in Connecticut and across the land.”
Stevenson, executive director of National Home Education Legal Defense, said that she and Aron are doing the forum because they have long been involved “in trying to protect our parental rights from being eroded” by authorities who want to regulate home education.
In doing so, Stevenson said, they realized that in many different areas, there are people struggling to keep the government from nibbling away at basic American freedoms.
Pulling everyone together at one forum, she said, will allow people to build connections that should help preserve freedom.
She said that in everything from free speech to eminent domain, freedom is in trouble.
Stevenson said that citizens and the government need to respect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, to pay attention to the threats to liberty and to try to keep them at bay.
“To me, as an attorney, the rule of law is very important,” Stevenson said.
Though there is certainly a conservative and libertarian bent to the forum, Aron said, it is “not a partisan event” and people of every political persuasion should find it helpful and interesting.
“We’re hoping a lot of people can make it,” Stevenson said.
Aron said that Bristol should be “a great location” because it’s centrally located in Connecticut and not far off the highway.
For information, please see or phone Stevenson at (860) 354-3590 or (203) 206-4282 or contact Aron at (860) 523-7257.

Here's the press release that the Connecticut Liberty Forum sent out:

For the first time in CT's recent history, people are gathering to map out a plan to save our Constitutional rights. Not since the 1700's, when the colonists gathered together in taverns to discuss the formation and ratification of the Constitution, have citizens felt the need to gather together once again to discuss Constitutional issues. This time, they are gathering to discuss how to stop the destruction of the Constitution.

On September 27 and 28, 2008, some of the most pre-eminent people in their field, leaders in the fight against erosion of our Constitutional rights from all across the country, will be gathering at the Bristol Clarion Hotel for Connecticut's First Annual Liberty Forum. They will be holding workshops addressing every aspect of our Constitution, including but not limited to erosion in the areas of freedom of speech, eminent domain, U.S. sovereignty, and parental rights.

The purpose of the forum is to promote liberty, to increase education concerning our Constitutional rights, and to create a call to action to protect those rights.

The CT Liberty Forum Registration and other information is now available online!

Feel free to post this event on your listserv's - egroups - blogs - and other group emails.
Listed is the schedule of events, speakers and speaker bios, hotel information and exhibitor information. We have a great line-up of speakers, and we have a wonderful schedule of events.

We will be presenting the first ever CT Freedom Fighter Award to Susette Kelo and Michael Cristofaro for their heroic efforts to combat eminent domain abuse here in CT and across the land, and while they have lost their homes to developers in New London, they have spurred on a movement across this country that has resounded from sea to shining sea. Come hear Mr. Cristofaro's story at our Saturday luncheon.

Our Saturday evening Keynote Speaker is Jim Gilchrist, Founder of the Minuteman Project will speak about his efforts to protect our borders.

On Sunday morning our keynote breakfast will feature Robert Levy of the Cato Institute who will talk about Supreme Court Rulings that have damaged our liberties.

There will be many other outstanding speakers and this event promises to be exciting and informative.
We will even be broadcasting live on Saturday morning on WDRC Radio - on The Talk of Connecticut with Brad Davis.

People can register online and use a credit card to pay through PayPal or Google Checkout, or they can register through the mail with payment by check.

Anyone wishing to have their liberty minded company be an exhibitor, or purchase ad space in our program guide can also participate in this event.

Circle the date on your calendar and register today to catch the Early Bird special pricing ! This is an event you will not want to miss! For more information contact: Attorney Deborah Stevenson , (860) 354-3590 or (203) 206-4282 or contact Judy Aron at (860) 523-7257

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Odin said...

So where were all these "lovers of liberty" BEFORE their house was taken to widen a street, their kid was forced to learn about evolution in school, their subdivision was denied because it destroyed wetlands (or, even worse, some developer tried to build more houses near their brand new home) etc.

These people are the new NIMBY's: "Not Involved Much Before Yesterday".

consirnd dem said...

Duh...wats dis?

Anonymous said... that's you Odumb.

This sounds like a good group.

Anonymous said...

It's all about freedom. I'm gonna get me another flag for my red Chevy pickup truck and tomorrow I'm gonna get me another tattoo of an eagle, and then I'm gonna go huntin and get me some food with my new guns, because it's all about freedom, man.

Anonymous said...

It's probably a confederate flag that you have for your pickup truck, and it probably has a John McCain bumper sticker on it.

GOP GAL said...

9:51 a.m. You are pretty closed minded. I don't drive a pick up truck but I do belive I have the right to protect myself and my family and my freedom!

Anonymous said...

You're worried about "protecting" yourself from Big Gummit, but Big Oil (also known as the Republican White House) has sent thousands of young Americans off to die in Viet Iraq without a peep out of you. We get the government we deserve.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this group can slow down the illegal activities of the blight Nazis' in their assault on the taxpayers of Bristol .

At LEAST get the court system involved before distroying private homes and businesses .

Anonymous said...

Boy you got that backwards. The blight fighters are PROTECTING decent peoples taxes by protecting their property values from going downhill. Go back to New York city, slumlord.