August 10, 2008

Fournier collects signatures to win right to take on Larson

Press release from Green Party congressional hopeful Steve Fournier:

Volunteers collected over 3,000 signatures to make it all but certain that Green Party candidate Steve Fournier will be on the ballot in November for the First Congressional District seat now held by Democrat John Larson.

To get on the 2008 ballot in the First District (Greater Hartford, Bristol, Torrington and Winsted), a petitioning candidate needs verified signatures of 2,050 registered voters. Allowing for illegible entries, gaps in the voting lists, and other disqualifying conditions, Fournier seems to have more than enough signatures to satisfy legal requirements.

In the petitioning campaign, volunteers have been handing out an incendiary flyer in which Fournier accuses the two parties of being complicit in corruption. He promises to "bring down" the system and adds, "Your grandchildren will thank you." Volunteers report that the flyer convinced many skeptical voters to sign the petition.

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