July 24, 2013

Democrats pick municipal candidate slate

Press release from the city Democrats:
Bristol Democrats Choose Their Ticket

Chris Wilson, current chair of the Bristol Board of Education, received the endorsement of the Bristol Democratic Town Committee at its regular meeting, Monday, July 22, in the City Council Chambers.
Chris Wilson
In his comments, Wilson emphasized leadership, professionalism, process and education.
“Bristol can and should be a great 21st century city with great services and a quality of life,” he said. “It is our job as leaders to enhance that quality of life.”
Wilson said that he will lead by example and cited his extensive experience as a businessman and committed citizen, especially his role as chair of the Bristol Board of Education.
“I will bring a sense of professionalism and civility to my interactions with the public, unions and policy makers,” he said, and pointed to governance model used at the BOE as an example of how he will function as mayor.
He said that he will engage with as many people as possible to share a positive issue-oriented campaign. He added, “There will be a clear choice for the public based upon qualifications and issues.”
Regarding education, he referred to his own education and well as the education of Bristol’s children. Wilson, after leaving college when his funds were depleted, turned to the military before resuming his education and earning an MBA. His education continued, he said, at his business, The C.V. Mason Company, and with opportunities to lobby in Hartford and Washington, D.C.
Regarding the latter, he said, “It has afforded me the opportunity to see how CEOs of Fortune 500 companies think, plan, organize and direct their companies.”
For Bristol’s children, he said he wished for them the same educational foundation. In addition, he said, this value on education will encourage more middle class families to stay in Bristol but also for others to move to Bristol.
“It is an economic issue as well as a quality of life issue,” he said.
Wilson was unopposed as were the all of the city council candidates. Joining Wilson are Calvin Brown and Steve Jeffries in the First District, Allen Marko and Bob Vojtek in the Second District, and Ellen Zoppo-Sassu and Mary Fortier in the Third District.
A runoff was required for Board of Assessment Appeals with Shirley Salvatore and Richard Harlow coming out ahead in the field of five.
For its candidate at City Treasurer, the DTC voted in Sandra Stafford who accepted as a placeholder. The DTC will continue to seek a candidate for the position.
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