July 26, 2013

Brown garners endorsements from young Democrats

Press release from City Council hopeful Calvin Brown:

"Brown Picks Up Youth Endorsements"
City Council Candidate Calvin Brown (Bristol 1) is the latest candidate to pick up an endorsement from the Northwest Connecticut Young Democrats. In addition to their endorsement, Brown addressed a crowd of young Democrats last month at the annual Connecticut High School Democrats' State Convention where he received their endorsement as well.
In his remarks, Brown, 20, indicated that he wanted more young people to become active in politics. "Our generation holds the key to 21st century knowledge and skills," Brown said, "working together hand in hand with the generations that come before us-- across the communities where we live, work and go to school-- our generation can lead the way to success and prosperity in this ever changing world."
Calvin Brown
The Connecticut High School Democrats, as well as the Northwest Connecticut Young Democrats, are among the first youth oriented groups to endorse Brown in his bid for a seat on the City Council this year. "I've known Calvin since we went to Boys State in 2010. He's always been bright, energetic, and passionate about public service,” said Edward Corey, Secretary of the Northwest Connecticut Young Dems, “if anyone can get voters excited about their city, it's Calvin."
"I am running for City Council because I believe that Bristol's best days are ahead of it. I believe I can bring a new perspective and new experience to the City Council that will help the city to envision and attain its long term goals."
Brown added that his experience of having to work while seeing himself through college is reflective of the struggle many families throughout the community face. "I've grown accustomed to working and going to school simultaneously, as many of us have. I'm not afraid to learn and at the same time do the hard work that will be required of me to serve my constituents well."
This year's municipal elections will be on Tuesday, November 5th. Citizens will elect a new mayor, six city council persons, a treasurer, three members of the Board of Assessment Appeals, and town constables.

Full disclosure: My son is a former president of the Connecticut High School Democrats. My daughter is the organization's chief parliamentarian.
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