October 10, 2012

Carlson apologizes for 'ta-tas' comment

Statement from City Councilor Eric Carlson:

    To all those I have offended I want to take this opportunity to apologize. I used indelicate and irreverent humor in referring to a serious organization, with an irreverent name. Save the Ta-ta’s is a serious organization dedicated in the fight against breast cancer through research. They wisely choose an irreverent name because it is a great marketing strategy that grabs your attention. Their name does not make light of a serious problem but instead allows us to step back from the horrors of cancer and perhaps gain a little more humanity through humor. It’s something we all need when facing the problems that life throws our way. Dr. Patch Adams used humor in his work; he also got in trouble with some people in his profession by not appearing serious.

     There are many organizations that deal with breast cancer, Susan B. Komen being one. The Firefighters Union chose wisely to support them. I had only one concern with the pink shirts, and before the council meeting I asked the fire chief if there could be any OSHA violation if the shirts did not meet uniform standards. He said the material on the tee shirt was not going to be a problem. With that answer I have no problem with firefighters wearing pink on Thursdays. I would encourage the off-duty fire fighters to wear the shirts around town while grocery shopping or doing other activities. It is a great opportunity to spread the awareness.

     With this tempest stirred way beyond the Teapot the issue is solely with Mayor Ward. He has the final decision.

     I ran for office one year ago promising to be honest and thoughtful. When the thoughtful train left the station with this issue, I clearly was not on it.

Eric Carlson
1st District Councilman

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