October 10, 2012

Alford: Nicastro failed to 'exhibit any leadership' on budget, taxes

Mary Alford, the GOP candidate for the 79th District state House seat, who is taking on incumbent Democrat Frank Nicastro, issued this press release:

Nicastro Needs To Explain Budget Votes!
(Bristol) 79th Assembly District candidate Mary Alford, endorsed by both the Republican and Independent parties today challenged her opponent’s votes on the state budget that increased taxes by two billion dollars.
“From the night of my endorsement, I have said that Representative Nicastro needs to explain his voting record.” Alford continued, “As Election Day nears, the time has come to ask the questions that Bristol residents deserve to have answered.”
While Nicastro voted against the overall budget, he voted “No” on the proposed Republican budget that would have paid the bills without raising taxes. He also voted “No” on every Republican amendment that removed the most troubling tax hikes from the budget. “If Mr. Nicastro was truly opposed to the sales tax increasing to 6.35%, or clothing getting taxed from dollar one, he had a perfect opportunity to say so by voting yes on those amendments. He didn’t.”
“His votes against a budget that included these taxes while also voting against the Republican proposals to eliminate these taxes is an inconsistency that demonstrates a lack of leadership. “ Alford added.
Alford said, “We need and deserve representatives who are going to stand up and be leaders in Hartford.  We need and deserve representatives who will develop proposals that do not require constantly raising taxes. Mr. Nicastro, as an Assistant Majority Leader, was well positioned to be a leader in this debate. Yet, he did not exhibit any leadership qualities. By simply voting No he abdicated his responsibilities to Bristol residents.”
“As your next State Representative, I will hold quarterly town hall meetings to keep you informed and seek your opinions and thoughts on what is happening in Connecticut so that I can be your voice in Hartford.
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