October 8, 2011

Downtown Bristol concept plan links

Want to know more about the concept plan proposed for downtown by the Long Island-based Renaissance Downtowns? Here are some key links:

Final concept plan for Bristol's downtown
Here is the plan, in its entirety.

Bristol Rising
A social networking site created by Renaissance to crowdsource the development. Chock full of information.

News stories about Renaissance and its plans
News stories about Renaissance and its plans, in Bristol and beyond.

Renaissance Downtowns website for Bristol

Bristol Downtown Development Corp.
Meeting minutes and agendas for BDDC meetings from 2007 to May 2011. I have no idea why it's not up to date.

Developer submissions for downtown
Most of what Renaissance has in its concept plan it proposed right from the bat before its selection as Bristol's preferred developer for the downtown site.

Read exactly what city councilors are being asked to vote on.

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