October 2, 2011

Alford calls on city to quit CCM

Press release from Republican mayoral challenger Mary Alford, issued today:

Alford: Withdraw From CCM.

(Bristol) Mary Alford, the Republican nominee for Mayor of the City of Bristol today announced that she would give serious consideration to pulling Bristol out of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM), a group whose purpose is to champion local issues.
Alford contends that the lobbyists who work for CCM dropped the ball this legislative session relative to the extra money that the City of Bristol had to allocate to the Board of Education this past week.  “Someone was asleep at the switch and it cost Bristol taxpayers $2.5 million dollars they weren’t counting on paying” Alford said.
The Republican Mayoral candidate is also dismayed at the “deafening silence” from CCM regarding Governor Malloy’s recent tax increases. “If the powers that be at CCM believe that these tax increases help Bristol families get back on their feet, stop the foreclosures of their homes or help attract and retain more businesses and jobs, than someone is sadly mistaken,” Alford said.
“As for the education issue, we pay this organization to notify us of pending legislation that affects our community,” Alford asked, “Why didn’t CCM notify Bristol and other communities whose budgets would be affected, should it pass?
Alford also question why Mayor Ward didn’t notify the City Council that this legislation was either pending or that it had passed? “In early June, the Mayor admits that he heard rumblings regarding this issue but held the information close to his vest rather than sharing it with the City Council,” Alford said.
“To witness parents and students begging local officials to fund their marching band or sports teams, makes me extremely angry at this process, “ Alford concluded, “and for the Mayor and Comptroller to be so blasé about taking the money out of the Rainy Day Fund makes me question, again, who is minding the store at City Hall?”
The City of Bristol pays over $41,000 annually to belong to CCM.

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