January 19, 2011

Bristol killing makes the London tabloids

Here's the link.

And Gawker, too, is having fun with  it.
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Ben said...

You know it fits into our sick humor. People like bizarre news such as this.
After all who would really kill somebody over a fart?
Well, now we have a poster child.

Both funny, and sad. Speedball of comedy.

Anonymous said...

bristol conn makes it happen again the city that sank off the map.

Anonymous said...

Bristol is great...it's boneheads like 7:18 AM who I wish would sink off the map.

Ben said...


So you think the actions of one "problem" individual reflects on the whole city?

Now I understand why Steve is so upset about the jokes.

I think it reflects on our society, and the times. How one guy can be so upset to walk all the way home, then walk back, thinking he was going to kill everyone?
You have to be pretty troubled to keep that much anger.