December 20, 2010

Ward is home from the hospital & doing well

Mayor Art Ward is home.
Shortly after noon, Ward left the intensive care unit in a wheelchair and headed down to Bristol Hospital's lobby to face an array of television cameras along with his doctor and hospital officials.
As a nurse wheeled him out of the elevator, Ward grinned after being questioned about how he was doing.
"I'm feeling pretty good now," Ward said.
Ward had a Band-Aid over his nose and some red marks on his face, but otherwise looked pretty good for a man who'd spent 16 days in the hospital after choking on a piece of steak during a tailgate party at the Italian Social Club.
Ward said little at the short press conference beyond expressing thanks for the many prayers and good wishes offered for him by so many residents and friends. He said he was glad to have a supportive family and been under the care of so many talented nurses, doctors and other medical professionals.
Dr. Stephen Caminiti, the head of the hospital's intensive care unit, said the outcome for the mayor "is as good as it could be."
"This is the best case scenario," Caminiti said.
The doctor said that Ward will need to rest over the holidays and will likely be able to return to work next month.

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Frank Eugene Corder said...

Welcome back Artie

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic holiday miracle for Art, his family and friends! I wish them all the best!

Anonymous said...

Now that is what the Christmas Season is all about- God Bless

Tim Gamache said...

Great news! The prayers of a lot of friends and loved ones have been answered indeed.Glad to have you back old friend.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back.

I hope you're OK.

Stay away from the "tailgate parties" for now on though, OK?

Maybe you just need a new "wing man"?

Anonymous said...

Great news.

Lets not forget the super job that Maty Suchopar did in the mayors absence.

She is a true professional.

Anonymous said...

Mary did a great job covering the truth. Lets pray for BRISTOL NOW. When our taxes go up he wont be such a hero.

Reformed Grinch said...

2:58 PM: On this particular occasion, I think Art's "wing man" was of the heavenly variety. He also had the assistance of some awesome earthbound angels in the form of Dale Grande, Tim Callanan, the other first responders, doctors, nurses...

Merry Christmas everyone!

Anonymous said...

ok he's fine now lets get rid of the cheif

Tim Gamache said...

3:02 PM Thank you for acknowledging Marys' professionalism and hard work getting the Mayors' office through this ordeal.It isn't often enough she receives her due.Thanks again.

see ya' at Sporty's said...

Reformed Grinch:

Perhaps so. Were you there too? Must have been a happenin' occasion.

Anonymous said...

welcome back Artie and we hope that get rid of all those fake people around you!