December 2, 2010

Mosback arrested for drunk driving

A former city police officer who totaled his cruiser in a late-night crash in June has turned himself in to state police on drunken driving charges connected to the on-duty wreck,
Robert Mosback, 38, turned himself in to the Hartford barracks Thursday morning, according to state police, who reinvestigated the case at the request of New Britain's state's attorney.
Mosback resigned from the force in September after the city's insurer discovered a hospital laboratory test showed he had been drunk at the time of the accident. He asked for his job back a few weeks later.
City police did not charge Mosback in the case and did not check his blood alcohol level at the scene.
An investigation is underway to determine if any officers erred and whether a coverup occurred.
Mayor Art Ward said the arrest is "evidently as a result of the investigation" by the state's attorney's office in New Britain, which began a month ago after the state police declined to get involved directly.
"They've determined this is the appropriate manner in which to proceed," Ward said.
He said city leaders wanted outside, unimpeded probes into the case and apparently that's what is happening.
"State police investigators conducted numerous interviews, obtained search and seizure warrants from Superior Court to seize evidence and examined all facts and circumstances related to this accident," according to state Police Lt. Paul Vance.
Mosback is due in court in Bristol on Dec. 14. He was released on a $5,000 cash bond.  See the press release here.
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Anonymous said...

About time.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps all accidents should just have a mandatory test administered so there is a 100% rule and it isn't left to the officer's ... ahem... discretion.

Ben said...

Anonymous 3:32,

I am truely surprise this isn't a requirement. Any serious accident in the private sector now warrants a drug test. If anything comes out of this that absolutely should be a requirement.


I agree.

At least it's moving forward. Painfully slow for everyone, but forward.

Anonymous said...

This police officer has a family and child in Bristol...a very nice one at that.. Try to refrain from mean and hurtful comments....

Anonymous said...

WOW something is happening how long did this take whats the next step thrown out of court. Remember BRISTOL COPS ARE ABOVE THE LAW. Just look at the CHIEF anything goes. Guess those political contributions count for a free pass. Maybe if we kept the story going faster action will take place.

Anonymous said...

Listen mosbeck isn’t the story. A drunken person on the job could have happened anywhere. The real problem is the captain who "investigated" the original complaint. Mosbeck is a problem but not THE problem. WE THE PEOPLE OF BRISTOL ARE THE PROBLEM. To paraphrase don stacon I’ll start writing about the Bristol police again when it becomes news. It’s not news because we don’t care. We see it we hear it and we do nothing about it. Steve you were right the Hartford courant has given up on Bristol. Heard it from the horse’s mouth

Ben said...

Anonymous 8:42,

You are correct the problem isn't Mosbeck. The problem is the cover up we can't prove. Every step of the way has been problematic. The law should be equal for all, and it clearly isn't. Of course it never was, or will be equal.

Just what is Bristol resident suppose to do anyhow? Stop paying taxes? Vote? What?

I want to start a campaign, 0% raise for the Bristol Police Union members until they clean their own dirty laundry up.
I don't know any other way to get them to POLICE themselves.
I shouldn't have to blame the leaders when the workers clearly know this stuff is wrong.
Also quit bragging to your friends how you have a get out of jail/ticket card by flashing your badge. It's bad enough you do it.

Anonymous said...

how about the charge of carring a weapon while intoxicated? i mean everyone else would have been charged with that too