December 8, 2010

Hospital: Ward's family wants privacy

Reporter Jackie Majerus has this story:
Mayor Art Ward remains in critical condition in the intensive care unit at Bristol Hospital with no visitors allowed, hospital officials said Wednesday.
Following medical privacy laws and the wishes of Ward’s family, the hospital is not providing any other information about the mayor’s condition, treatment or prognosis.
“It’s not up to the hospital to decide whether information gets released,” said hospital President Kurt Barwis, adding that the decision to share information is “100 percent” the choice of the patient or the patient’s medical proxy.
If a patient cannot make the decision, the hospital takes great care to follow his or her wishes for who does make decisions and then follows them to the letter, according to Barwis.
“If they want complete and total privacy, that’s what we do,” said Barwis. See the whole story here.
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Anonymous said...

Good! They deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and Mayor Ward and his family deserve this. Bristol's leaders will have to keep our city going now...and hopefully have that leadership to do so. It has to be a very terrible time for his family to deal with the publicity...they are and should be focused solely on him. So, Bristol leaders, please stand up and do what you need to now!