September 23, 2014

Pavalock opposes possible new taxes

Press release from Cara Pavalock, the Republican candidate for the 77th District state House seat in Bristol:

Pavalock: No New Taxes!

(Bristol)  Cara C. Pavalock, the Republican nominee for State Representative from the 77th Assembly District voices her concern over a proposal that has been floating around Connecticut that would drastically raise taxes in our state.

The proposal is called the “Land Valuation Tax.”  If implemented, this tax would be levied on all non-profits in Connecticut, such as hospitals, churches, museums, private schools, and the like. “This tax would have an adverse effect on these already struggling organizations in Bristol, and I am in strong opposition to it.” Pavalock said.

In addition to taxing non-profits, the proposal seeks to tax vacant land at a higher rate. Proponents of the tax claim there should be a higher rate for vacant land because it is not being used for its highest and best value. “Don’t residents pay enough in taxes already? Why are people being forced to build structures on their own private land?” Pavalock continued, “I agree that many municipalities are struggling to make ends meet in this tough economy, however, I also believe that the easiest thing the State can do to help local governments over the hump is to reduce the amount of unfunded mandates on the books.”

There have been recent seminars on the Land Valuation Tax and Pavalock fears that the proposal is gaining traction. Currently, local municipalities are receiving pilot funds for these non-profits and this tax would be used to alleviate some of the burdens on local governments and the State.

“Connecticut doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem.” Pavalock added, “Instituting new taxes isn’t going to make Connecticut a better place to live, work, raise a family or retire.”
Pavalock has made unfunded mandates a cornerstone of her campaign and has pledged to oppose any piece of legislation that places new unfunded mandates on Connecticut’s municipalities.

“This new tax is most likely going to be debated by the General Assembly over the next few years,” Pavalock concluded, “Now is the time to ask your candidates where they stand on the issue and I want every resident of the 77th District to know that I stand with them in opposing any new taxes being implement in our great state.”

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