September 4, 2014

Pavalock: Dump Common Core

Press release from Republican state House contender Cara Pavalock, who aims to unseat 77th District incumbent Democrat Chris Wright:

Scrap Common Core

(Bristol)  As the new school year begins, Cara Pavalock, the Republican nominee for State Representative from the 77th Assembly District today added her voice to the chorus of teachers, parents and education advocates who are calling on the State of Connecticut to scrap the new education initiative called: Common Core.

“These testing standards and the lack of input from our teachers and parents are causing great anxiety in our educational system.” Pavalock said. “It is unrealistic to expect all children to learn all material at the same rate,” continued Pavalock.

Cara Pavalock
“Clich├ęs such as ‘Excellence in Education’, ‘Raising the Bar’, and ‘Getting America’s kids ready for the workforce’, have been used to promote the implementation of Common Core. The reality, however, may be the federalization of education and the loss of local control.” Pavalock stated, “As a mentor in the Bristol school system, I hear the frustration of our teachers, and I fear that parents as well as students will be adversely affected by this initiative.”

Door-to-door campaigning this summer has allowed Pavalock to hear directly from numerous teachers, parents and students who are concerned about the program. “I share their concerns and I believe that these impractical standards were adopted in Connecticut in an attempt to receive more federal funds for education, without an eye towards the impact on our educators or families and without any thought to the increase in taxes to pay for this funding.” added Pavalock.

 “I believe that we need to go back to the drawing board before such a drastic new program such as Common Core is implemented. All stakeholders need to be brought into the loop and have their questions and concerns answered.” Pavalock concluded, “Our children’s futures depend on a quality education and I don’t believe, at this point, the Common Core standards will benefit their education.”

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