June 18, 2014

Romney or Palin for City Council?

City Republican Chairman Derek Czenczelewski sent this along today about the possible campaign for state Senate by Susan Bysciewicz:

"This story is beyond bizarre. Although my support is fully behind Henri Martin, I sincerely hope the Democratic Town Committee fields a candidate that would actually represent Bristol and the 31st District should they be elected. I cannot imagine the voters of the 31st District would support Ms. Bysiewicz, someone who has no real ties to the district, does not live in the district, and until this week, had no desire to seek office in this district. This is a sorry situation Ms. Bysiewicz finds herself in yet again, and she appears to be nothing more than a political opportunist. Shame on the Democratic Town Committee if it fails to put forward a candidate that would actually represent the citizens of the 31st District, and not someone's personal political ambition. Lastly, I'm surprised to hear we have local elected officials who have come out in support of Ms. Bysiewicz as a plausible candidate. Apparently the same group that was so concerned with the redistricting process and ensuring equal representation no longer cares about district lines or representation. As GOP Chairman, I guess I'll need to start recruiting Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin to run for Council next year."

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