May 7, 2014

Tours of Bingham and O'Connell sch0ols on Saturday

From a note this morning from City Planner Alan Weiner to members of the city's Planing Commission:

The Planning Commission's walk-throughs of O'Connell and Bingham schools have been scheduled for Saturday, May 10th beginning at 8:00 AM. Those attending the walk-throughs will initially gather at the main parking lot at O'Connell School, located at 122 Park Street (the parking lot entrance is across the street from the driveway for Bristol Auto Body). The walk-through at O'Connell is anticipated to take 30-45 minutes. After this first walk-through has been completed, attendees will proceed in their own vehicles to Bingham School, located at 3 North Street, where we will again gather at the school's east parking lot (next to the credit union). The walk-through at Bingham is anticipated to also take 30-45 minutes.
(Please note that, in order to save some time, we will meet up first at O'Connell School and NOT in the City Hall parking lot, as was mentioned at last Wednesday's Planning Commission meeting.)
Dave Oakes of the city's Public Works Department will be our guide at each of the two schools. He has advised that you NOT wear sandals, flip-flops, or any other type of open-toed footwear.
Please note that, per the requirements of the state's Freedom of Information laws, these walk-throughs are considered a special meeting of the Planning Commission. As such, members of the public may attend if they choose. A copy of the meeting agenda, which has been posted with the City Clerk, is attached for your information. Also attached is information about roof replacement work proposed at Bingham School.

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