May 8, 2014

Brown is 'saddened and disturbed' by privatization move

Statement released by city Councilor Calvin Brown about the Board of Education's decision last night to privatize school cafeterias:

I'm saddened and disturbed by the decision made by the Republicans on the Board of Education last night to privatize our school cafeteria workers. It shows a lack of respect for people's jobs and livelihood; neglect for our students and, really, our community at large; it shows an overall ineptitude for leadership to allow a private corporation to come into our schools and interact with our children on a regular basis.
Whitson's - the out-of-state company the BOE has chosen to contract with - has several law suits pending against them. They have not committed to hiring the current cafeteria workers who will be displaced. We still do not know if the company performs background checks on the employees they do hire - and therefore we will not know who is feeding lunch to our students. Again, I am saddened and disturbed by this.
The Republicans on the BOE have shown they do not understand what it really takes to care for our kids. If they did, they would see these grave concerns as the threat to community and safety that they really are. Instead, the Republicans on the Board of Education see only dollar signs.
Alas, I do believe that their inability to bargain in good faith, their inability to think critically, and their inability to lead responsibly will come back to haunt them: in court, at future meetings, and come the next election cycle.
I only pray that in the meantime our kids don't have to pay the price for the Board of Education's ineptitude.

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