March 6, 2014

Pavalock opposes bill to toughen driver's license renewals

Press release from Republican state House candidate Cara Pavalock:

Pavalock Opposes Proposed Law Regarding Driver’s Licenses.
(Bristol) Cara Pavalock, the Republican candidate for State Representative in the 77th Assembly District today announced that she is opposing a bill that would require anyone holding a Connecticut Drivers License to take a written test at the time of renewal.
The proposed law recently had a public hearing at the State Capitol.  The bill (RSB-335) has been referred to the General Assembly’s Transportation Committee and was sponsored by House Committee Chairman Antonio Guerrera (D-Rocky Hill).
The text of the raised bill is below:
(NEW) (g) (1) On and after January 1, 2016, a licensee seeking renewal of a motor vehicle operator's license shall be required to pass a comprehensive test as to knowledge of the laws concerning motor vehicles and the rules of the road. If such licensee does not pass such knowledge test on the first attempt, such licensee shall be required to pass an on-the-road skills test, as prescribed by the commissioner, in addition to such knowledge test.
“This proposed law is ridiculous and creates an undue burden on our Senior Citizen population.” Pavalock continued, “Our state has incurred a massive amount of debt, unemployment is high, businesses and families are fleeing Connecticut and our General Assembly is wasting its time debating issues like this.”
Pavalock’s opposition stems from what she believes will be cost of implementing this proposal and the intrusion it will have on Connecticut drivers and citizens. “Has anyone who supports this bill ever stood in line at a motor vehicle office?” Pavalock asked.
“The implementation of this proposal would create longer lines, increase the need for more staff, and more importantly add more regulations to our already cumbersome motor vehicle laws,” Pavalock continued, “I would suggest that the Transportations Committee’s time would be better spent debating how it would erase the daily gridlock on I-84 through both Hartford and Waterbury, rather than spend it precious time increasing the cost of government.”
“I sincerely hope that my opponent in November, incumbent State Representative Christopher Wright (D-77) will join me in opposing this bill and let the people of his district know now where he stands on this issue.,” Pavalock continued, “We need less government, more common sense and a legislature that is focused on reducing spending and creating jobs for its citizens.”
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