March 7, 2014

Martin hit for opposition to the busway

Press release from the Connecticut Working Families Party:

Connecticut Working Families Party questions Henri Martin’s judgment on Busway

When Republican Bristol City Councilor Henri Martin announced his run for Connecticut State Senate in the 31st district, he was heavily critical of the New Britain to Hartford Busway. The busway, which will be completed in February of 2015, has created good jobs for workers in central Connecticut. It shows poor judgment on Henri Martin’s part to criticize a project already underway which is on time, on budget, and providing needed jobs in the building trades sector.
This isn’t a partisan issue; it’s about what is best for workers. New Britain’s newly elected Republican Mayor Erin Stewart said of the Busway: “But, whether you supported it or not, it’s here,” she said. “So, the question now is: How are we going to make it work, not only for New Britain but for the residents of the central Connecticut corridor?”
Every year, the Connecticut Working Families Party looks at the records of all the candidates from every party and only endorses the candidates who share our values. That means being a champion for issues like raising the minimum wage, expanding Connecticut's historic paid sick days, and promoting infrastructure projects that put Connecticut residents back to work, like the busway.

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