February 8, 2013

State of emergency declared in Bristol

Press release from Mayor Art Ward's assistant, Mary Suchopar:

Mayor Ward has declared a State of Emergency in the city of Bristol as a result of the impending Storm Nemo, a strong Nor’Easter which has been categorized as a major blizzard. Mayor Ward stated, “This storm has the potential for major damage, drifting snow and hazardous road conditions, I ask that residents keep a clear head and use common sense during the storm hours.”

The Emergency Shelter at Chippens Hill Middle School has been opened as of 12:00 pm today. If residents require the need of the shelter, they should bring warm clothes, snacks, any necessary medications and books, games, etc. for entertainment. This shelter is a pet-friendly shelter. If you bring a pet to the shelter, be sure to have appropriate food, carrier, leash, etc.

As of 6:00 pm this evening, the Mayor has requested all non-essential vehicle traffic off the roads in the City for safety reasons and to give the plows an opportunity to keep the roads clear. A parking ban has gone into effect as of 12:00 noon, today and will remain in effect, until further notice.

The Public Transfer Station will not be open this Saturday, February 9th, as well as the Public Libraries.  If you have an emergency, contact the Police Dispatch at 860-584-3011.  

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