November 5, 2011

Lawton response to Ward and Alford

Independent mayoral candidate Gary Lawton issued this press release today in response to Republican Mary Alford's plan for her first 100 days and the story in today's paper about Mayor Art Ward's knowledge of pending legislation that would force more education spending.

Gary Lawton
With the fact that Mayor Ward knew of the impending legislation, as did Mr. Striefer and our legislative representives only goes to prove that this was something both parties wanted to keep a zero increase in the mill rate. How many of us would have been happy if our taxes gone up especially during an election time. Mayor Ward has given 3 different statement, but never has said he is sorry for the problem, the best we got was "it is what it is", Is that really what a leader should say. Mayor Ward the people of Bristol deserve an apology and you and Mr. Striefer and our elected representative should all apologize for your lack of consideration and honesty on this issue. Let's face it you knew, Mr. Striefer knew and so did our elected representatives that serve us here in Bristol. The real leader would say he made the mistake and take it, you and the others have not.
    Mrs. Alfords doctrine is hard to comprehend. First she has said we have the best police department is the state but in her doctrine questions it by saying it troubles her .Her party has people on the council they too should have been speaking out agianst the short staffing of the police department, does the Republican party have so little concern for the saftey of its residenst here in Bristol, that the Republican city council people just let it go, or kept its head in the sand. She would like to see the flood control commission meet, butshe fails to say while she will meet with state and federal officials, there our towns that also are on the rivers, can they do the same thing to help us downstream, we can do alot but if we dont get those up river from us to cooperate it will be futile and we will still have problems.
  Her marketing of Bristol gives nothing, I have given ideas and thoughts on how to do this, she has not and will rely on the way things are done now, which are at best slow, to market Bristol . I will as Mayor always propose proactive ways to market Bristol.
    These are a few things I see wrong with Mrs. Alfords doctrine. It is time to get away from the tradional politics. I as Mayor will bring you a new energy and outlook that I see sorely missing from our current leaders. I will not let our " heads operate in the sand" any longer. I will think outside of the box and make sure it goes the way it should. I will take politics out of the way buiseness is done in our city hall. It is time to take our government back for the people and I am going to do that as your Mayor.

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