November 15, 2011

Alford: 'Bristol is a special place'

Note from former Republican mayoral candidate Mary Alford:
Election 2011 is over and the citizens of Bristol have decided who their city leaders will be for the next two years.
First, I would like to congratulate Mayor Ward on his re-election and thank Gary Lawton and Jason Flores for their participation.
Congratulations to all who have been elected or re-elected to serve the City of Bristol.
To my campaign team, my family and friends and my “family” on the Bristol Republican Town committee, thank you for all you have done to support me. You’re the best!
This was a longer campaign for me than the on in 2009 and it has afforded me the privilege to get to know even more of our citizens. What a pleasure that has been for me. Bristol is a special place because of all of you. Thank you for being welcoming and friendly, for your thoughts and questions and ideas.
For those of you who cast your votes for me, thank you seems an inadequate response but it’s the one we’re given to use so - Thank You! Your faith in me will not be forgotten.
I am looking forward to the future of Bristol and will continue to serve, not only on the Transportation Commission, but wherever and whenever I can. We have much to look forward to here and there is much work to be done but, as always, Bristol will be showing the rest how it’s done.
Thank you all, once again.
Mary Alford

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