August 29, 2011

One in 10 still without power in Bristol

BRISTOL -- More than 10 percent of the city's residents are still without electricity in the wake of Hurricane Irene.
Connecticut Light & Power reports this morning that almost 3,200 city residents are still experiencing an outage following the powerful hurricane.
At one point, almost a third of the city was without power so progress is clearly being made.
Mayor Art Ward said city crews and utility company employees have been working diligently to get things back to normal.
"They worked all night," the mayor said.
CL&P has estimated it may take a week to get all of its customers in Connecticut back to full service. But most residents in Bristol can expect to see their electricity back on much sooner.

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Anonymous said...

PLEASE!! Would someone out there in Bristol let me know if COMCAST is working to restore power to the telephone's lines? Have a disability daughter in the area without phone service. She lives alone and i also am elderly in senior housing, so need info from kind of caring person so maybe i can do something beside's worry!