August 28, 2011

More flooding in Bristol (updated)

Middle Street at Riverside Avenue.
Photo by Vanessa Larence, used with permission.
BRISTOL -- Much of Bristol is underwater today.
From Muzzy Field to Forestville Center, the Pequabuck River has claimed a new, wider course that takes it down city streets, through buildings and beyond.
The rain falling from Hurricane Irene has swollen the river and inundated dozens of cars, partially destroyed the Stately Floors building at the end of Memorial Boulevard and soaked countless basements.
Copper Mine Brook and other tributaries are also overflowing their banks, creating torrents all over town. Police have closed a number of city streets, making it difficult to get around, and emergency crews are working in many locations to deal with downed wires, stranded residents and the chaos of a major storm.
Please check this link for pictures and video.

Here are some more photos by Vanessa Lawrence:

Flooded Farmington Avenue intersection near Staples.

Memorial Boulevard

Broad Street

TERRYVILLE -- Rising water has breached Preston Dam, as the picture below by Ryan Woike makes clear:

Here are some photos by Aaron Vontell of the area near the west end of Memorial Boulevard:

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